Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekend with friends

The Thursday after we got home from Croatia Blake had to go to North Carolina for some business stuff. He left really early in the morning, then I got the 3 Hatch girls that evening, for the weekend. Then Friday night i got the 4 Hartvigsen kids. So, for a few hours on Friday night I had 12 kiddos. That was even during dinner time. I was amazed at how smoothly it went. The kids all had so much fun playing together and the girls were all tons of help with dinner! We really had a lot of fun together. Then Lauren came and got the older boys and Alissa and dropped off Avery. So there were 10 kids here for the night. All the girlies were so cute in their matching jammies. In the morning the girls made us German Pancakes for breakfast. By the time the Hartvigsen's came to get their kids that afternoon I was in shock with how smooth everything went and how much fun we had together. The kids were all great!

 Sunday morning Remi and Shaylee made a bunny cake for Easter, and Broden and Rilyn made an Easter Egg castle with legos. We got all ready for church and even made it to church early. I was amazed how all 8 kiddos with me sat pretty quietly during sacrament meeting. During Sacrament meeting Remi was sitting next to me and kind of acting nervous. Then she was reading in her notebook instead of singing. I almost said something, then I realized she was reading her testimony and preparing to bear her testimony. Shaylee and Remi both Bore their testimonies. I was so proud of them! What a good example they are to their friends. After Sacrament meeting all the older kids went to their classes and I took Quincey to nursery with me. Thankfully someone in the bishopric took Kelsi for me, since Blake was gone. We have such amazing people in our ward, always willing to help out other people.

 For the rest of the Hatch's time here we went for walks, had easter bunny cake, jumped on the trampoline, watched movies, had FHE and just enjoyed having no school! Tuesday was Remi's birthday, so we had cinnamon rolls and served her breakfast in bed. We celebrated her birthday in doses this year. Some on her birthday, some the next day when dad got home, and some after school started again with her friends! She is so understanding about our crazy schedule. She constantly amazes me with how willing she is to help. She always wants to help and looks for ways she can help me with responsibilities. She always gets up in the morning, showers, reads, does piano and gets all ready for school without me telling her what to do. Then she looks for what she can do to help getting everyone else ready and help with lunches. I couldn't do it without her! I love how Remi is learning to play the piano so well and loves it. She is learning to play the simplified hymns and can play a few hymns and primary songs in the regular books. Its fun to listen to! Remi we are so proud of you and the young women you are becoming!

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